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Long Law Group, LLC has been preparing tax returns for individuals throughout the United States for many years. Whether your income consists of wages (Form W-2), business activities (Form 1099), stock market trading, real estate investing or any other income source, we can professionally handle all of your tax return preparation needs (Federal and State).



No matter what type of business you have or how it is structured, Long Law Group, LLC can prepare any of the following tax returns (Federal and State):

  • Sole Proprietorship (Schedule C)

  • C Corporation (Form 1120)

  • S Corporation (Form 1120S)

  • Limited Liability Company (Form 1065)

  • Limited Partnership (form 1065)

  • General Partnership (Form 1065)


We invoice for personal returns on a per fee/schedule basis and a flat fee for each separate business return. Click here for more details on the most current price list, tax organizer, and client engagement letter.