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Avoid Surprises! 60-Minute Tax Estimate Meeting

Life has its pleasant surprises… and its unpleasant surprises. Have you ever gotten a big surprise at tax time? You open up your return to discover… you OWE a BUNCH of TAX. Your stomach drops, your heart rate increases, and all you can think are the words, “NOW, what am I going to do??”

As the cheesy infomercials say: Don’t let this happen to you! All of our tax packages include a 60-minute tax estimate meeting, so there will be no surprises at tax time as to what you will owe or what will be refunded on your taxes.

During your 60-minute tax estimate meeting, our tax professionals with go through your income earned and expenses incurred year-to-date, and we’ll run the numbers to give you an estimate of where you’re at with taxes. Will you owe? Can you expect a refund? It also gives us a starting point, so we can then move on to tax planning. If you do owe, we can look at various strategies you can incorporate to reduce your tax liability. If you have a refund, we can also look at ways to increase that.

We normally have these meetings in the fall. That gives us plenty of time to run numbers and also implement tax savings strategies, before the year is up.

Wouldn’t it be nice to go into tax season next spring with the confidence that there will be NO surprises? Contact us to learn more and discover additional ways you can enjoy greater certainty about your financial future. Thanks so much for joining me.

Check out our comprehensive tax packages and see the value for yourself!

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