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Audit Defense! Do You Dread an IRS Audit? Get Protected!

Probability is a funny thing. When you go out to your mailbox, you probably don’t think you’ll get struck by lightning. You’re probably not expecting to find a check for thousands of dollars from Publisher’s Clearing House. And you also probably don’t expect to discover that dreaded IRS letter, saying they want to come and take a look at your books and records.

The sad truth is, getting audited by the IRS isn’t about probability or winning the world’s worst lottery. Instead of randomly sampling the US populace as a whole, the IRS works projects – they pick up and audit returns of certain subsets of taxpayers. Business owners, real estate investors, contractors, employers – these are just a few of the subsets that the IRS gives extra scrutiny.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone in your corner if the IRS contacts you? Someone with years of experience handling audits, who is fluent in the tax code, so the IRS understands what’s happening with your business? And even better: wouldn’t it be a relief to have that person represent you for a fraction of what it would normally cost?

Audits can cost thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars. Do you want an unenrolled preparer, who isn’t even open year-round representing you? Or would you prefer to have a tax attorney on your side?

At Long Law Group, we include audit protection coverage in all of our tax packages. Audit protection with us means that if the IRS comes knocking, you'll have a tax attorney stepping in to defend you. Why should you spend hours on hold in a state of anxiety and frustration? Let us bear the burden. We will rectify inaccurate conclusions that may have cost you thousands in additional tax. We will save you time, ease your stress, and provide peace of mind.

You don’t have to face the IRS alone. Contact us to learn more and get protected. Thanks so much for joining me.

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