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Pandemic Proof Your Business


Company Operating Agreements


When your company’s survival hinges on fast pivots, having specific language in your company documents is essential! Members get sick, requiring tough, critical decisions. Capital contributions may be required to keep the company afloat. There are many possibilities to consider. Do not make the mistake of neglecting to update your Operating Agreement.




Landlord/Tenant disputes have skyrocketed in the past year. COVID-19 has completely changed the landscape for landlords and tenants. An updated lease will cover you by clearly laying out your expectations of your tenant during times where individuals have an active infection or the governor’s office and CDC intervene in drastic ways. Protect yourself with an updated lease that reflects our changed world.


PPP Loan Forgiveness Application


Preparing this complex application incorrectly can be a costly mistake. If your loan is not forgiven due to errors, you will have to pay back the money (either partially or entirely), plus interest. This isn’t something you want to get wrong. Delegate this task to us for the best possible outcome.


Powers of Attorney


What will happen with your business, if you fall ill? Neglecting to specify your intentions in writing is an expensive mistake. Avoid costly court intervention and secure leadership of your business, in case you get sick. Don’t be “too late to choose.” You won’t regret having these critical designations in place even if you’re not quite ready to create a full estate plan.

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