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Personal Injury

We are here to help and protect the injured. Our team offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping people injured in motor vehicle accidents, premise cases, malpractice and worker's compensation cases.

No doubt, you’re eager to get compensation for your injury. You’re probably not as anxious, though, to deal with all the legal issues that come along with it.

You’re not alone.


All the unknowns is the reason we developed this free resource for you. We believe, regardless of your situation, you should have the proper knowledge to make informed decisions.


The problem you face right now is confusion — and it’s not your fault.


Personal injury law is so complicated it’s impossible to stay on top of all the changes and pitfalls you face. Worse yet are the insurance companies that try to trick you into taking smaller settlements than you need for medical bills (now and in the future), property damages, lost wages, and pain and suffering.


It’s no wonder so many people avoid seeking compensation, even when they have a viable case.


All lawyers offer free, no-obligation accident evaluations. That way you can get the information you need to make an informed decision about how to best move forward.


Simply complete the form on the right, and we’ll have a personal injury attorney in your area contact you at no cost.


We suggest you immediately seek legal guidance if …
-Your case involves hospitalization or death

-Injuries caused by your accident resulted in hospitalization (or death) or are likely to be permanent. 

-You have more than one party involved. Other parties were involved in your accident.
-You don't know who's at fault. Determining fault is an issue.
-You believe the police report is inaccurate.
-You suspect the police report doesn’t accurately describe your accident.
-You’re having trouble with your insurance company.


For example, they want you to give a recorded statement or are offering you a low settlement), or you’re confused about your policy.

What is your case worth? Call us today to find out.