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Business Consulting


Long Law Group partners with our sister company, Business Innovation Group ("BIG"), to help guide entrepreneurs through the journey of business ownership. With a unique combination of legal and accounting expertise, the team at BIG does more than advise. BIG provides powerful solutions that facilitate growth, protect assets, and free up business owners to focus on what they’re good at: building great businesses.

Business Advisory & Planning

Together, we will establish which metrics drive your business. We’ll create projections based on your goals and help you to formulate plans that systematically achieve these goals. 

Our strategic implementation plans are rooted in industry benchmarks and best practices. We're committed to an interactive engagement that strengthens operations and builds value.  

Revenue & Profit Improvement

We understand the critical importance of ensuring your business continues to generate strong revenue and increase profits. We'll work with you to develop effective strategies that maximize the most beneficial processes in order to improve both revenue and profit for your business.​

Cash Flow Analysis & Improvement

While budgeting, revenue, and profit are extremely important, there is nothing more powerful than being able to accurately predict cash flow. If you are confident in the amount of cash you’re likely to have at any given time, growth, investment, and financial decisions are that much easier. We provide this clarity through accurate evaluation of trends, real-time data, and modeling that we’ve refined over the last two decades.

Executive Development & Strategy Planning

As accountants, lawyers, and business advisers, we’ve had the privilege of working closely with hundreds of business owners. Combined with our unique training and acumen, we’ve learned a lot about what makes a business and its leader successful. In our training and coaching programs, we explore the systems, practices, and processes that characterize successful executives. It’s a dynamic and demanding service we are excited to offer.    

Transaction Advisory

Mergers, acquisitions, bankruptcies, and enterprise sales can be riddled with confusion and complexity. They can also be stressful and emotional. As an objective and skilled provider of due diligence services, our team analyzes the operational, financial, and legal situation of a target company so you can make smart strategic decisions.